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Business Award PinPreview of Business Award Activities

Complete 12 activities. Interactive form must be submitted by local adviser by March 1. Awarded at the local level with a pin.


Complete three (3) activities from this section. The first two (2) is required

checked boxActivity 1 Technology/FBLA Organization and National Programs
Required. Make a 1-3 minute oral informational presentation about FBLA to a business, a class, or at a chapter meeting.

checked boxActivity 2 Communications/FBLA Organization and National Programs
Required. Design a social media graphic, Instagram post, or Twitter post with '#FBLA: World of Opportunity'.

checkboxActivity 3 Communications/Service Learning
Research community service grants that are available. Present your findings and any recommendations on grants to pursue to the FBLA Local Officer Team and Local Adviser(s) in a one-page memo.

checkboxActivity 4 Communications/FBLA National Organization and Programs
Prepare a print ad and an audio podcast about American Enterprise Day or FBLA-PBL Week.

checkboxActivity 5 Communications/Service Learning
Participate in a community service project that your chapter is sponsoring.

checkboxActivity 6 Communications/FBLA National Organization and Programs
Help plan and conduct one of the FBLA Ceremonies (FBLA Emblem Ceremony, Chapter Installation, Officer Installation, or New Member Induction Ceremony) at a local chapter meeting, an Open House, a local chapter event, or for a new or reactivated FBLA chapter.

checkboxActivity 7 Communications/FBLA Organization and National Programs
Help organize an activity or event for your local chapter to promote American Enterprise Day or FBLA-PBL Week.

checkboxActivity 8 Communications/ Service Learning
Participate in a literacy project i.e. visit a kindergarten classroom and read a book, tutor in an after-school reading program, or help plan a chapter book drive.

checkboxActivity 9 Technology/FBLA Organization and National Programs
Prepare a local calendar of activities for your local chapter with at least two ideas for chapter activities each month.

checkboxActivity 10 Communications/Service Learning
Help create and present a skit that teaches safety or environmental awareness to elementary students. (i.e. Halloween safety, emergency in case of a fire or 911 calls, home safety, internet safety, the importance of the environment and going green, etc.)


Complete five (5) activities from this section. The first two (2) are required.

checked boxActivity 11 Marketing/Technology/FBLA Organization and Programs
Required. Update your TALLO online leadership profile at TALLO

checked boxActivity 12 Entrepreneurship/Career Awareness and Exploration
Required. Prepare a resume, cover letter, and job application, applying for your dream job.

checkboxActivity 13 Technology
Complete the interactive Internet Ethics and Safety Quiz.

checkboxActivity 14 Entrepreneurship
You have just been hired at the XYZ Corporation. Your first task is to develop a new green product/invention.

checkboxActivity 15 Accounting
Explain the importance of high ethical standards in the preparation of financial statements and what FBLA-PBL goal that this could tie to.

checkboxActivity 16  Business/Career Exploration
Successfully complete one (1) grading period in a business course with a grade of 'B' or better.

checkboxActivity 17 Communications
Prepare an agenda for two (2) chapter meetings.

checkboxActivity 18 Entrepreneurship/Career Exploration
Visit/tour a business dressed in business attire.

checkboxActivity 19 Communications
Complete a one-page report on a local, state, or national business leader.

checkboxActivity 20 Technology/Marketing
Read an article from the internet or a business magazine on a new trend in technology.


Complete four (4) activities from the list below. The first one (1) is required.

checked boxActivity 21 Information Technology/Communications
Required. Prepare a recruitment brochure for your local FBLA chapter.

checkboxActivity 22 Communications/FBLA Organization and Programs
FBLA’s parliamentary authority is Robert’s Rules of Order-Newly Revised. Complete the interactive crossword puzzle

checkboxActivity 23 FBLA Organization and National Programs
Plan an icebreaker for your local chapter members and present it at a local chapter meeting or in a class.

checkboxActivity 24 FBLA Organization and National Programs
Recruit one (1) new Professional Division member.

checkboxActivity 25 Communications/FBLA Organization and National Programs
Submit an article/news release about your chapter's activities to Tomorrow’s Business Leader, our national publication, and include at least one scanned or digital photo/image.

checkboxActivity 26 Technology/FBLA Organization and National Programs
Participate in the Virtual Business Challenge or Virtual Finance Challenge.

checkboxActivity 27 Communications/FBLA Organization and National Programs
Write a letter to your school superintendent or principal about the benefits of FBLA.

checkboxActivity 28 FBLA Organization and National Programs
Participate in a task that is assigned by your local chapter adviser.

checkboxActivity 29 Communications/Technology
Use FBLA’s various social media tools. Follow @FBLA_national on Twitter, like the FBLA National Center Facebook page, follow @fbla_pbl on Instagram, and watch a video from the FBLA-PBL YouTube channel (youtube.com/fblapblinc).

checkboxActivity 30 Communications
Attend a community or school meeting (Rotary Club, Chamber of Commerce, School Board, Jaycee’s, Kiwanis, PTA, Etc.

checkboxActivity 31 National Programs
Participate in the Spring Stock Market Game. Contact your adviser to be included in your chapter's team.