Preview CMAP Activities

Director Award Activities

Complete a total of ten (10) activities.

Service Activities

Complete three (3) activities. The first activity is required.

Activity 1: (Required) Create a tri-fold brochure or flyer to promote Prematurity Awareness. (Upload a copy of the brochure or flyer.)

Activity 2: Volunteer to help the Red Cross, Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, a Homeless Shelter, an animal shelter, or another charity or nonprofit organization of your choice. (Create a 30 second YouTube Video about your experience and charity. Provide the link to your YouTube Video).

Activity 3: Participate as a member of your chapter's committee for the nationally sponsored Community Service Day during FBLA-PBL Week. (Upload a press release about your chapter's project and a picture of the event.)

Activity 4: Partner with another campus organization for a joint community service event. (Upload two photos and complete the interactive report form.)

Activity 5: Help another campus organization or a faculty member with administrative tasks. (Complete the interactive summary form.)

Activity 6: Create a account (Provide a screen shot of the account.)

Activity 7: Assist your local chapter president with a service activity. (Upload a letter from your local chapter president describing what you assisted them with.)

Activity 8: Participate in an activity for the March of Dimes. (Upload two photos and complete the interactive March of Dimes report form.)

Education Activities

Complete three (3) activities. The first two activities are required.

Activity 9: (Required) Complete the Goal Setting Worksheet. (Complete the interactive worksheet.)

Activity 10: (Required) Create a Tallo Profile (click HERE) and include the following: Photo of Yourself, Education, Accomplishments, Extracurricular and Community Service Activities, Major, and Business Courses, Career Interests, and your Association: Future Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda. Request your Member Badge. (Upload a link to your TALLO profile.)

Activity 11: Attend a job fair or career expo. (Upload a photo of the event and a business card from one of the businesses you networked with.)

Activity 12: Email a PBL State or National Officer and describe what you have learned as a member of PBL. (Upload a copy of the email.)

Activity 13: Prepare a list of 15 interview questions. Include how you would respond to each question. (Upload questions and responses.)

Activity 14: Select and interview a person who is currently employed in a job that interests you. (Former D10)

Activity 15: Complete the online Personality Test. (Upload a 100-word paper describing the results and what it means to you.)

Activity 16: Participate in a FBLA-PBL National Center Webinar. Submit a question during the Webinar. (Upload a screenshot of the question asked and the link to the Webinar that you attended.)

Progress Activities

Complete four (4) activities. The first activity is required.

Activity 17: (Required) Attend a local chapter meeting. (Upload two photos of the meeting and an email to one of your local chapter officers describing what you learned from the meeting.)

Activity 18: Participate in the PBL Career Connections Conference. (Upload a photo of your professional headshot and a photo of you and your tour group at one of the tours offered).

Activity 19: Participate as part of one of your PBL chapter’s teams in the Fall or the Spring Stock Market Game (Contact your chapter adviser to be included in a chapter team). (All participants may earn Fall and/or Spring digital badges for the Stock Market Game from Tallo and all who attend the PBL National Leadership Conference will receive a Stock Market Game Ribbon to wear on their NLC Conference Name Badge. (Upload a photo of your team to the PBL National Twitter page with #Stock Market Game. Upload the same photo here to mark the activity complete.)

Activity 20: Write an article about your chapter's activities for your state newsletter or for the PBL Business Leader. (Upload the article.)

Activity 21: Invite a state or national officer to attend a local chapter meeting via internet i.e. Google Hangout, Skype, etc. (Upload a screen shot of the email and a screenshot of the officer speaking to your chapter via internet.)

Activity 22: Write a letter asking a business to donate money towards chapter activities. (Upload a copy of the letter.)

Activity 23: Make an electronic presentation (PowerPoint, Prezi, YouTube, etc.). designed to recruit new PBL members. (Upload a copy of presentation.)

Activity 24: Attended your State Leadership Conference the previous year. (Upload a 100-word paper describing the events you participated in and the experience of the conference. Include one photo of yourself and your chapter members at the conference.)

Activity 25: Vist the Job Bank at Job Target (FBLA-PBL/JobTarget Career Center) and complete your free resume and learn about benefits. (Upload a copy of your resume.)

Activity 26: Recruit and have dues paid for at least one professional division member. (Enter the name of the professional member, their membership id number, and their contact information.)

Executive Award Activities

Complete a total of 12 activities. PBL members must have completed the Director Award to continue to this level. Pin is mailed to the State Key Contact to be presented at the State Leadership Conference

Service Activities

Complete three (3) activities. The first activity is required.

Activity 1: Required Participate in an adviser approved service activity. (Write a 100-word summary and upload a link to a photo of the activity.)

Activity 2: Write a 100 word essay on a community service project you worked on. (Upload the essay and enter a link to a photo of the community service project.)

Activity 3: Participate in a national PBL service program (e.g., Prematurity Awareness Month or FBLA-PBL National Community Service Day (Upload a photo to the FBLA-PBL National Facebook page with #PBL Community Service)

Activity 4: Participate in a project to either create awareness or raise money for the March of Dimes. (Complete the interactive project activity report form.)

Activity 5: Volunteer to tutor on campus, at a local soup kitchen, a nursing home, an animal shelter, participate in a charity race, or become CPR certified. (Upload a 100-word summary about your activity and what you learned and how you will benefit from it.)

Activity 6: Mentor a local FBLA member for their competitive event. (Upload a picture of you and the FBLA member.)

Activity 7: Join and committee and apply for a March of Dimes Grant for your chapter. (Upload completed March of Dimes Grant application.)

Education Activities

Complete four (4) activities. The first two activities are required.

Activity 8: Required Complete the online job application form, develop a cover letter, and prepare a 1-2 page resume applying for the Future Business Executive, Future Business Educator, or Job Interview events. (You do not have to compete in these events to meet this requirement. Upload your completed resume and cover letter.)

Activity 9: Required Participate in a mock interview. (Upload a completed interview evaluation form.)

Activity 10: Develop a 30-second YouTube video of a personal sales pitch. Make sure to mention FBLA-PBL and the current national theme. (Submit YouTube link.)

Activity 11: Attend a meeting of a local chamber of commerce, Lions Club, Rotary Club, etc. (Exchange business cards with at least two people. Scan and upload business cards.)

Activity 12: Secure two letters of recommendation: One from a class instructor (other than your PBL adviser), and one from a businessperson or an employer. (Upload copies of the letters.)

Activity 13: Register for and take the CBE Exam. Email CBE Administrator  (Upload a copy of your registration)

Activity 14: Complete a one-day job shadow experience in a career that you are interested in. (Upload a photo of you at your job shadow experience)

Progress Activities

Complete five (5) activities. The first activity is required.

Activity 15: Required Participate in a competitive event at the District/Regional, State, or National Leadership Conference. (Complete the interactive form with the name of the event and the conference.)

Activity 16: Work with your local chapter adviser to plan a special chapter meeting with chapter meeting/event. Invite at least two alumni members to be on a panel discussion and help plan the questions/form. (Upload a photo from the event.)

Activity 17:  Submit an application for the PBL IFL/NLC scholarship. (Upload the application.)

Activity 18: Attend a National Leadership Conference. (Upload a link to a YouTube video or submit a 100 word essay about your experience.)

Activity 19: Plan an icebreaker for either a local chapter meeting or a state meeting or conference. (Upload a video of you presenting icebreaker, and a description and instructions.)

Activity 20: Present a workshop at a state or national conference. (Upload workshop outline.)

Activity 21: Visit an area FBLA chapter and speak about PBL. (Upload a photo of the event and an outline of the presentation.)

Activity 22: Identify ONE personal or professional business contact, with whom you have a relationship, who works for a company that would make a good potential national sponsor. Write an email to the PBL National Treasurer ( providing the name of your contact, the company, and why you think the company would make a great FBLA-PBL sponsor.
Note: If approved, must be willing to talk with your contact about becoming an FBLA-PBL sponsor. National staff assistance is available. Be sure to check the FBLA-PBL Website to ensure this company is not already a sponsor. (Upload a copy of the email.)

Activity 23: Find a judge for your State Leadership Conference or the National Leadership Conference, or judge at an FBLA State Leadership Conference. (Enter the judge's contact information and the competitive event that was judged in the Summary Report Form.)

Activity 24: Recruit and have dues paid for at least one professional division member. (Enter the member name and membership number into the Summary Report Form.
Member listed must be a different member if you participated in this recruitment activity at the Director Level.)

President Award Activities

Complete a total of twelve (12) activities. Pin is presented at the National Leadership Conference. PBL members must have completed the Director and Executive levels prior to beginning this level.

Service Activities

Complete three (3) activities. The first two activities are required.

Activity 1: (Required) Run for local, state, or national office or serve as a campaign manager for a state or national officer candidate. Include a link to a o minute YouTube video of what motivated you to join PBL, what PBL has done for you, why you ran for office, and one quote that has inspired you. (Include a link to a 1 minute YouTube video of what motivated you to join PBL, what PBL has done for you, why you ran for office, and one quote that has inspired you. (Upload a copy of a speech and a campaign handout.)

Activity 2: (Required) Work with your Professional Division members to get them more involved in your local chapter. (Write a 100-word description of your efforts).

Activity 3: Volunteer to help with a charity or nonprofit organization of your choice. (Include a link to a 30 second YouTube video about your experience and charity.)

Activity 4: Raise $100 for the March of Dimes (Upload a screen shot from your March of Dimes page and a donation sheet that is turned into the March of Dimes.)

Activity 5: Help plan and participate in a holiday service project, e.g., food baskets for Thanksgiving, canned food drive, toy drive, or adopt-a-family. (Upload a news release with at least one photo.)

Activity 6: Organize a campus-wide community service project. Act as a chair of the committee. (Upload 3 photos and a press release of the event.)

Activity 7: Assist a state or national officer with an activity. (Upload a copy of an email or letter from the office that states the activity that you assisted them with.)

Activity 8: Apply for the PBL NLC internship. (Upload a copy of the application.)

Activity 9: Apply for the March of Dimes Grant for your local Donate to a food bank or a food drive, participate in a blood drive, volunteer to walk dogs at an animal shelter, volunteer to teach computer skills to senior citizens in a nursing home or volunteer at a hospital or library. (Post a photo with #Community Service to FBLA-PBL’s national PBL Twitter page. Upload the photo here to mark this activity complete.)

Education Activities

Complete four (4) activities. The first two activities are required.

Activity 10: (Required) Create a LinkedIn profile that includes the following: your professional headshot, work experience, skills, accomplishments and education. Add a summary under the “About” Section and create and upload a 30 second sales pitch about yourself to the media section link. Secure a recommendation for the “recommendation section” from one of your instructors (other than your PBL Adviser). (Upload a link to your LinkedIN profile.)

Activity 11: (Required) Update your Tallo Profile with the following: the letter, resume, and mock interview you completed for the Executive level, a 30 second video “What a Leader Means to You, and at least three activities/projects from the President level activities that you completed. (Upload a link to your TALLO profile.)

Activity 12:  Set up a mock interview with your schools career services center or a professional member. (Upload your resume and cover letter.)

Activity 13:  Participate in an internship. Have your internship director write a letter of recommendation. (Upload a copy of the letter of recommendation, and a 300-word description of this experience.)

Activity 14: Write a follow-up thank you letter for the job interview that you participated in for this level award or a thank you letter to your internship supervisor. (Upload a copy of the letter.)

Activity 15: Research the impact PBL has on members and write a letter to a government official about the benefits students receive from programs like ours. Have your adviser proofread you letter. (Upload a copy of the letter.)

Activity 16: Create a promotional YouTube Video (30 second minimum) promoting the PBL Career Connections Conference. (Include a link to the video.)

Progress Activities

Complete five (5) activities. The first two activities are required.

Activity 17: (Required) Complete the PBL International Travel Project. (Upload completed project. See instructions online under this activity.)

Activity 18: (Required) Secure a letter of recommendation from your local or state adviser on why you are deserving of the President Level. (Upload letter.)

Activity 19: Visit at least one school that does not have an active PBL chapter and meet with the dean or the business department and present the benefits of chartering a PBL chapter. (Upload a copy of a thank you letter to the dean that you sent following your meeting and a photo of the event.)

Activity 20: Attend the previous year’s NLC or Institute for Leaders. (Upload a 100-word summary about what you learned and include a scanned photo of yourself at the NLC or IFL or a link to a YouTube video that you created based on your experience.)

Activity 21: Draft a proclamation, public service announcement, or press release promoting American Enterprise Day, FBLA-PBL Week, or Career and Technical Education Month. (Upload a copy.)

Activity 22: Apply for the PBL Distinguished Business Leader Scholarship. (Upload a copy of your application.)