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FBLA Community Service Awards Program

The Community Service Awards Program recognizes members with extraordinary commitment to community service. It has three levels:

  • CSA Community (50 hours)
  • CSA Service (200 hours)
  • CSA Achievement (500 hours)
Hours for the CSA are cumulative and build throughout a student's FBLA career.

There has been some confusion about the "window" of hours shown for each of the CSA awards. The CSA Community Award is active from 0 to 50 hours and EARNED (that is, able to be submitted) when 50 hours are accomplished. The CSA Service Award is active from 51 hours to 200 hours and EARNED when 200 hours are accomplished. Likewise, the CSA Achievement Award is active from 201 hours to 500 hours and EARNED when 500 hours are accomplished. The student is working TOWARDS the award during the "window" of hours and has EARNED the award once the required hours are reached.

The Community and Service award winners will receive a certificate, available online to be printed out when a CSA Award is submitted by the adviser. The CSA Achievement award winners will be awarded a pin at the NLC.

The chapter adviser must register the student for the Community Service Awards. An email will be sent to the adviser containing the student's login credentials. When a student logs hours equal to the requirements for a CSA Award, the adviser will login to the adviser area of the CSA, review the student's hours and will find a link to submit the award. CSA Community and Service Awards must be submitted by March 1 each year. The CSA Achievement Award must be submitted no later than April 25 each year. Students may continue logging hours after the submission deadline, but the award levels reached may not be submitted until August 1 of the next school year once submission closes for the current school year.

Please direct all questions about the CSA program to the National Center at membershipdir@fbla.org.