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FBLA Outstanding Chapter Recognition

**NOTICE: The deadline for submission is 4/30/2021 5:00:00 PM ET.**


FBLA chapters must complete twenty (20) activities. Complete and submit these online activities, uploading all required documentation. When all documentation is complete and the activities are completed, submit the project online. All projects must be submitted by 4/30/2021 5:00:00 PM ET.

Click HERE to preview the activities list.

The FOCRP project must be activated by the chapter adviser before any activities may be selected or worked on. If the chapter adviser has not yet activated the FOCRP project please ask the adviser to do so.

The adviser may activate the project by logging into the Adviser Area and clicking the FOCRP link on the page. Once the adviser has activated the FOCRP project, an email will be sent to the adviser at the email address entered on the activation form. This email will contain a password which will be used, along with the local chapter number, by the Project Manager (the student member designated by the chapter adviser) to log into the FOCRP project.

Once the program is activated, the adviser or the student project manager may login and select the activities to be completed and go to work. Once all project activities are complete, the adviser will have to login to the FOCRP project again and submit the project. No project is complete until it has been submitted. Once the project is submitted an email is sent to the National Center and to the local adviser which contains links to review the project activities and to access the certificate of completion.

If you are a student and have been designated the project manager, and have the credentials which were sent to the adviser after the FOCRP project was activated, click HERE to login.

If you are an adviser and need to activate the project or need to access the project, click HERE to login to the Adviser Area on the National web site.